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Artists from 10 A

Artists from 10 A

Once again you are reading an article written by Tina and Iryna about our experience. As you may have already guessed it’s connected with our English lessons. Maria Radetski is well known for her creativity and this time she asked us to write poems as homework. Have you ever written any poems? Neither have we. Well, till this time) The theme was “autumn”, so we described its vibes. You can see these masterpieces below, but some authors wanted to remain in the shadows, so their poems will be signed as “Anonymous”. Enjoy!

Autumn arrives with colors so bright,

Leaves dance and float in golden light.

Crisp air whispers secrets in the breeze,

Nature’s masterpiece, a sight to please.

Arina Borsalo

autumn falls with golden rains

it leaves fall off like feathers

clouds so soft float across the skies

birds fly away, cold sun sets down

Iryna Kremin’

autumn is the time for change

leaves are falling and birds are flying away

the sun no longer shines and it’s raining everywhere

in autumn everything changes

the weather, the leaves and our life


Autumn is fall,

That’s how Americans it call.

It might seem crazy,

But I’m so lazy

When it’s cold.

Nights seem so old.

And I don’t care what others feel,

Cause that’s the moment you can’t steal.

And don’t you see the mourning dove,

Cause I wish you love.

Don’t take a part in risky lotto,

Don’t hesitate, just take a photo!

Cause memory is all we got,

Some things that cannot be bought.

All in all, a beauty season,

For my love it is the reason.

Khrystyna Pashkevych

Autumn leaves are so bright.

Your eyes smile when they see this beauty.

It is difficult to understand the autumn, it is not comfortable for everyone.

This is cinnamon in coffee, Halloween is a holiday, leaves are dried in books.

But it’s all beautiful and not so gloomy ,if we think about it.

Angelina Gutira

Autumn arrives, colors take flight,

Leaves on trees change, a stunning sight.

From green to gold, a vibrant hue,

Nature’s painting, each shade brand new

Jaroslawa Knysh

This autumn burst into my life;

The sun is not shining anymore;

I still believe in it and fight

Not to fall into depression, therefore.


Autumn is sorrow

Autumn is rain

But autumn is sunshine

Autumn is great

So Autumn is life

Maria Fentsik

Golden and red leaves , are falling from the trees ;

Autumn came ,

Everyone is in depression;

Sad people walking on the streets ;

They are waiting for the sunny spring;

To feel again the vibes of happines and joy.

Mark Fantych

To show you how colorful this season is, we prepared some beautiful pictures. Try to guess which goes to what poem 😉

By the way, we’ve discussed the feelings that we had doing this with classmates. Mostly they were excited, relaxed and a little bit depressed. So these can be considered as fall feelings.

P.S. Turn on Wicked Game by Chris Isaak, look through a window and try to write/paint to express your feelings. So much fun!

Written by Khrystyna Pashkevych and Iryna Kremin’



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