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The first service project of Sakura Зонта-клуб

The first service project of Sakura Зонта-клуб

On May 7, the members of Sakura Зонта-клуб (students of Uzhhorod Lyceum named after T. Shevchenko) with the help of Зонта-клуб and its president Natalia Mytrovtsiy visited the injured soldiers in the rehabilitation centre of regional hospital.
The international foundation “Renovation”, which director is Mykhailo Bizilia, kindly supplied us with the treats which we handed the soldiers and we are thankful.
Rehabilitation is a long and difficult way, so we are very grateful for the medical personnel and other volunteers who help our defenders so much.
We are happy that we can make this world a better place to live and bring smiles on many faces. It’s an unforgettable experience and is worth every minute and effort spent.
Written by Khrystyna Pashkevych from 6(10)A



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